Order the Correct Lowerunit

There are a few things to consider when ordering a new lowerunit. Lowerunits come in different styles, ratios, lengths and rotations.

The best way to order the correct lowerunit is to send us your engine serial number. We can use your serial number to look up the lowerunit that your engine came with from the factory. Of course we would also need to know if you have altered or changed the lowerunit to a different type.

New! Now you can use your serial number to look up your lowerunit on Mercury's website. Use your serial number and look up which lowerunit you have (or any other parts) and let us know what you need. Then send us the part number(s) AND your serial number and we will respond with pricing and availability.

Most Mercury Outboards have a serial number on a small serial number tag. This tag is usually located on the starboard side of the center swival housing. A typical serial number will look like one of these following examples... Ex: 0G654987 or 0D321654 or 1A456789 or 2B987621.

The More Information the Better

Although the serial number is most important in selecting the correct lowerunit, it may also help to have some other information as well. Mercury has done a few changes to some of the lowerunits and we want to make sure that you get the latest and greatest version.
When you email us your engine serial number, also include the following information when possible:

1. Drive Shaft Length and style (one piece or two piece driveshaft?).
2. Drive rotation (standard is right hand prop rotation in forward).
3. Number of spline teeth on the top of the driveshaft.
4. Type of water inlets (side pickups, low water pickups or both).
5. Standard propshaft or heavy-duty propshaft.
6. Number of spines on the propshaft.

If you do not have your engine serial number please include the following information as well:

1. Engine model year.
2. Engine Horsepower.

We would also like to know about your boat!
Tell us about your boat.
Does it have a single engine, twin, triples or quads?
Are you happy with your performance?
Why do you need a new lowerunit? Did yours fail?

We look forward to getting you the correct lowerunit!